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Family Owned, Family Focused

PurePack Vitamins is owned & operated by Purepack Vitamins, LLC. a family company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded by Matthew Johnson, Pharm D., in 2014, Purepack is the only supplement therapy tailored to your individual needs by a licensed Pharmacist. Matt and his team are a group of experienced licensed pharmacists with 40+ years of history, helping people live healthier, more balanced lives. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality vitamin and supplement products on the market. Our skilled team of pharmacists and health experts have created these packs based on best practice health & diet sciences, to ensure a premium vitamin for you and your family.

We developed a system to achieve ultimate patient centered natural supplement therapy designed to help people live healthier lives.

At the core of the system is a unique questionnaire to determine which vitamins and supplements will benefit your individual. Our team designed each aspect of the PurePack vitamin management system with you, the customer, in mind. It is quite simply your vitamins, easily organized.

Pure. Natural. Honest

Our Commitment to Sustainability & Quality Assurance 



Our facility utilizes water and botanical based board, inks and coatings making the end product completely curbside recyclable.


DNA Tested by TRU-ID™

TRU-ID is the world’s 1st certification program founded on cutting edge DNA biotechnology to verify the correct identity of the plant (botanical) species declared on the label.


Quality Assurance

Our ingredients, PurePack packaging, and sorting process has a series of quality assurance stages to ensure that all of our packs are 100% accurate, safe, and ready for you.